Free Hosting with FTP Access

FTP is still the easiest way to upload your website. If you are looking for free web hosting with FTP access, take a look at FreeHostia's free hosting plan, which offers plenty of disk space for your files and generous monthly traffic at no cost. Moreover you can host multiple websites within the same free web hosting account and each website has its own FTP folder. You can also create separate FTP accounts with access only to a certain website. This way you can provide co-workers or partners with access to the files of the website, which you both work on while keeping the other websites' files secure.

Fast and Reliable Free Hosting

You wouldn't want to have to wait hours for your website to upload. FreeHostia provides a free web hosting service, which is fast and reliable. You can upload and download files via FTP fast and your website visitors would enjoy excellent load times with no delays and no downtime. The technology used by FreeHostia delivers outstanding performance and uptime. It is a cluster-based web hosting platform with great load-balancing capability.

This amazing innovative technology helps minimize expenses and makes it possible for FreeHostia to offer top free web hosting with premium-grade quality.

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